Welcome to Healing You

I am so happy you are here, you can only ever be in the right place at the right time, if you have arrived here, I hope you will find your answers.

Choosing what is right for you - Each treatment, therapy, reading or workshop is unique to the person receiving them. You will always receive them, what it is your inner self needs for your own personal healing.

As healing takes place within you, it becomes your own unique journey of discovery, to connect with your own well being self.
The therapy or therapist is just a guiding light to help you realign with your own truth path. releasing what holds you, repeating the same patterns,  allowing you to find inner peace and joy.


Shining a light on your path, supporting you to realise your own truth and answers, connect with your inner wisdom. Showing people how to find their way, is more empowering and rewarding than telling people which way to go.

Trust what feels right for you, a Reiki treatment to help relax and rebalance. Some Angelic guidance or Meditation to help you refocus and connect. Workshops take you to another level, giving you the tools, helping you to put into practice,  ideas and practical skills you can use on your way.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I am happy to work with you as an individual, creating something for your needs.

I am not defined by the treatment I use, everything is energy.
......enjoy reading
Spiritual Teacher and Coach