Welcome to Healing You

From my Heart I wish you much Peace in these unusual times of Change and Transformation.

Presently I am still working, appiontments can still be booked. consultations welcome at no charge. we can zoom chat before any sessions booked    

Reiki sessions can be done remotely, disstance work is sometimes even more powerful.

Angel therapy can also be done remotely , card readings can be done via zoom or Skype.

I am still running my Angel Meditation groups via Zoom on Tuesday evenings and Saturday morning 

Hope to be of service, much love and light 

Whether you just need a helping hand, finding some balance, while you navigate live.

or you are looking to dive deep, do the clearing and healing. I am here for you.

shining a light on your path, supporting you to realize your own truth, find your own answers, helping you connect with your own inner wisdom, and finding your way. Is more rewarding than telling you which way to go

Happy Perusing Yvonne