About Me


I have always worked with people, it is my natural gift to uplift, inspire, create and hold a higher outlook on life. My work started in the hair and beauty field, some thirty years previous, travelling world wide, working in the health and beauty sector as a spa manager on cruise ships. I have worked with many different people from various cultures, clients and the teams, truly an amazing experience. Motivating others, guiding and helping others came very natural to me.

In 1999 I moved to Italy with my family and just when my life should have been on a high I had a break down, panic attacks, depression, I used alcohol as a way to cope which led to physical health problems to deal with and this as well as my marriage ending at this time. I managed to find my inner strength and along with the 12 step program, I did pull through after about eight months, but it left me feeling very vulnerable.

This was the turning point in my life, where I stopped taking things for granted, when I decided to create my own reality, I could make a difference, I realised my own thoughts were powerful. I wanted answers, wanted to understand, why at 34 did my world fall apart and not make sense any more.

I found all the answers and more.....over the next few years I followed my guidance to different workshops, and healing modality’s, some I list below.

  • Working with Reiki, Becoming a Reiki Master in 2004
  • Re-birthing with the international Breathwork foundation also with Leonard Orr of the Rebirthing-breathwork international 2004
  • My NLP training was with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen in 2002
  • I continued with a daily  Meditation practice 
  • Qualified as an Angel worker, Guided by Angels -Lifeworks 2007
  • Became an Angel Teacher with The Diana Cooper school 2011

As much of my quest started purely as a personal one.

I am so greatful for journey that has lead me to where I am today and what I can offer in the way of support, guidance and therapy.

much love Yvonne 


For the last 4 years I have received healing from Yvonne Botterelli. I have had many Reiki sessions with her and she has also trained me in Reiki. I have also done re-birthing, something I fought against most of my life and the sessions were a revelation to me. I join her monthly Angel Meditation group as often as I can which is always a deeply healing, playful and uplifting experience. Yvonne has been a shining, guiding light in my life and all the modalities I spoke of above, have, and continue to have a profound and life changing effect on me. One is literally dazzled by her beauty both inside and out. Just being in her presence makes one feel instantly uplifted and blessed. She has extraordinary wisdom, and can talk you through problems with compassion, love and great sensitivity. She is a deeply gifted healer in all respects. She is trustworthy, loyal and one of the very few people I feel completely safe with. You can change your life, and Yvonne will hold you - gently and lovingly as you do so.

Julia Sawalha.

Yvonne herself is an inspiration, very spiritual but grounded, knowledgeable and with a great sense of humour. Lots of laughs in her workshops! I would recommend her to anyone who is on their spiritual path or just starting out and curious. God bless you Yvonne and the Angels for helping me on my journey!

Sheila M.

Just one session with Yvonne left me feeling calm and more confident about my route ahead - whatever that might be. She enabled me to take time to absorb and balance my thinking, to value what I have and what I am. It is hard to describe it but somehow life became clearer and happier after my visit.

Kath G.

I am truly blessed and lucky to have found Yvonne. The Angel workshops and Meditations with her leave me with a sense of well being, inner strength, joy and love. Her spiritual aura rubs off on me, giving me a heightened awareness of the beauty in the world and fills me with light. Thank you for coming into my life


I have known Yvonne for about 18 months, having first consulted her at Marlborough House in Taunton, where she practises as an angel therapist and Reiki Master. On that occasion, she gave me an angel card reading, which accurately foretold of my imminent health problems. Since then, I have regularly met Yvonne, either for the most enjoyable monthly angel meditation group meetings, or for Reiki sessions (She has also initiated me for Reiki I.). Yvonne is a very bubbly person, who really walks her talk. At our meditation group, she will often relate to us the issues she is having in her life and how she overcomes them by following her own inner guidance. I always find much wisdom in her words and I learn a great deal from our encounters. It is reassuring that Yvonne’s wisdom always resonates with my own and I, therefore, feel that she is helping me to “remember” the essence of Who I Am. I always leave Yvonne’s company feeling uplifted, positive and energised. She is very intuitive and has a real gift which helps the planet. Despite having an ability to communicate with other realms, she is very firmly grounded and it is probably this combination of attributes which makes her such a good teacher and healer.

Beverly Lamber