Meditation ….

why do we need to meditate?

Do you feel peaceful ? Are you calm and relaxed ? Do you sleep well ? Do you take time out for yourself? Is you life out of balance?

Often we spend too much time thinking, either about the past or the future, never being present.

Or more to the point over thinking, trying to solve problems in our heads, while being constantly on the go. Causing stress, and other health issues.

With technology we're becoming even more alert, following social media or responding to messages or emails in all our waking hours..

Stop the rush, take time out. Life will still be there, only you will be better able to flow with it..

Do you want to feel in control?, do you want to feel more peaceful ? Do you want to know you have the solution and answers within you ? Do you want to let go of stress?


Relax, Breath, let go, Connect with you, get grounded in the present.

The benefits of mediation are many, but for me I feel it should also be fun.

In a meditation group, we make time for laughter.

Angel meditation groups.

Tuesday evenings 7.00pm to 8.00pm cost £10

A relaxed hour of connecting, open for beginner also

We start with an Angel card, and also in-between, to receive a personal Angel Message.

Each meditation is short usually about 15mins, we do two or maybe three.

I gently guide you through each visualization, I follow the Angelic guidance I receive.

Quaker meeting house

13 Bath place



Saturday 11.00 am to 12.30 midday cost £15

Third week of the month .. (please check date, as sometimes differ )

If you already meditate and or want a deeper spiritual practice

Transformational group, working with the guidance of the Angelic realm, short meditations. 

Neils yard

2 saint James street




Meditation is a holistic discipline. It is an art we can use, to clear the mind to relax and so help the body to heal. The benefits can be:

Meditation can be a powerful tool when applied consciously. One to one meditation sessions available.

Learn to meditate course

The course running is meditation and creative visualisation

Week or day one Meditation

Week or day two Meditation


What is transformation to you ?

Transformation can be as simple as changing your outlook.changing the way you view the past, from seeing things as “being done to you” to stepping into your own power, things have been done for you, through you to grow to learn to strengthen.

Transformation begins with the way you view things, with the way that you respond.

You can choose your own way of being.

Do you want to become the greatest version of yourself ?

Would you like to set your self free, by releasing your past ?

Do you want to lighten your life ? and step into your own power ?

Transformational is a process of creating the change within you.Helping you to view the past differently and the way you expect the future to show up. Using techniques that can help you to dissolve blocks, from the old thought patterns that have been holding you back. Working with exercises that help you change how things in the past have affected you. Seeing the lessons of past experiences. Integrating these so you have more positive thought patterns.