Angels are our heavenly helpers, they are here to guide and support us. There is no job too big or too small. Angels are divine light beings of love, here to assist us on our journey, they can help us to find our truth path, help us to find our inner peace and feel comfort in our time of need, or share in our joy, they love a celebration. They are pure compassion and lovingly guide us to make the right decisions in every area of our life. Connecting with the Angels can uplift and harmonises our every day life. It is like having a best friend who has truly got your back. It takes just one simple action, you inviting them in, opening your heart and receiving.

Angel Therapy

Inviting in the Angels, to assist you in receiving a truly divine treatment. The therapy is personal to you, whether you need Angel Michael for protection and releasing. Angel Raphael for healing and abundance, or Kuan Yin for compassion. I will be guided to bring in the perfect vibration for you. Therapy can be done as a session in person. Time to relax, receive and enjoy. You can receive distant Angel therapy, contact me by email to book.

Angel reading


Angel messages are always very powerful, positive and uplifting message. Giving you clear Angelic guidance. on where you are, what could be holding you back, and what’s around the corner. The Angels tell me its not what is going on outside of yourself, but what is going on in the inside. You attract to yourself what you are vibrating and understanding your truth can assist you in making changes. As always the Angels can help you with whichever choices you make, with love and healing. You can ask questions, or just receive what the Angels want you to know. Reading in person takes an hour. You can book a phone reading or you can receive a reading by email.

Angel Meditation

This is just so much fun, connecting and meditating with the Angels. Each month has a theme, but one chosen by the Angels, always filling the group with 'just what they need' it is a guided visualisation meditations, some guidance on how the Angels can work with us, lots of laughter and lots love. Held in Taunton once a month:

Angel workshops

Connecting with the Angels.